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Thomas & Sabine Reinert GbR

Stammstraße 72-74
50823 Cologne, Germany

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Communication should be compelling.

  • Concept & Text
  • Structure ideas and thoughts.
  • Explain why and how.
  • Invite emotional buy-in.
  • Internet & Online
  • Offer facts and opinions.
  • Initiate dialog.
  • Establish relationships.
  • Ghostwriting
  • Use opportunities.
  • Take a stand.
  • Make a difference.
  • Coaching & Moderation
  • Grow.
  • Unite people.
  • Succeed together.

Since 2008, we have been supporting our clients in achieving their goals:

Very different customers, same focus: Targeted and authentic communication, from strategy to implementation.

Our proven strengths: Speeches, presentations and executive communication in its many guises; books, broschures and all forms of written stakeholder communication; comprehensive online strategy and content development from webpage to interactive online tool; flexibility and speed in short term assignments, persistence in long term projects, attention to detail and effectiveness in events.

Our golden rule: Communication is never an end in itself. Our clients have aspirations and targets, and those determine what needs to be done.

One of our greatest challenges so far:

Condense a corporate history in all its complexity down to some 230 pages. Bring dry facts to life in a mix of narration and interpretation. Span a timeframe of some 50 years of recent corporate history, digging back to 19th century roots to trace both developments and perceptions. Condensed to essentials, corporate culture and international expansion, research and sustainability, even organizational structure and industrial relations become stories worth telling. And add up to a portrait of a many-faceted corporate personality.

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Thomas Reinert

Born in Germany, high school, college and BA in Philosophy and English in the United States. Returned to Germany in 1978 to start a career in communications at Bayer. After local PR came global issue management with lots of travel, interesting topics, fascinating people. In charge of global communications at Bayer MaterialScience starting 2002: New structures, objectives and strategies in the midst of change. Leading 60 professionals at home and abroad. Established tr-communications as an independent agency in 2008.

Sabine Reinert

Born and raised in Hamburg, worked as administrative assistant in Portugal after graduating from high school in Bensberg. Returned to Hamburg to complete a formal advertising apprenticeship at “Gilde Werbeagentur” and moved on to GGK in Duesseldorf in 1985. Became managing director of the “Reinert Family” project in 1987. Since 2008 she is the administrative backbone of tr-communications.


Thomas & Sabine Reinert GbR

Stammstraße 72-74
50823 Cologne, Germany

Phone: +49 221 56936 103
Mail: tmr@tr-communications.de

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